2. Planning and Action

From Planning to Action
We reviewed some blogs and youtube videos and had an idea about where to go in Morocco and most attractive destinations in the country. But we didn’t make a detailed plan to the extent that we booked our hotel in the airport just before departure and for one night only. Our total time reserved for holiday was 7 days. Our principle is not plan more than one or two nights because you never know what will happen :). And our experience verifies this approach holds pretty well.

First Step in to Morocco
We took the flight of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul to Casablanca. We didn’t have to worry about choosing a flight because that was the only flight available to Morocco from our hometown. Casablanca is the biggest city of Morocco and we came there with great expectations also because of the famous movie. Unfortunately we couldn’t discover much. The only appealing place for us was Hasan II mosque. But it is truly magnificent. A piece of art. Every detail of it is crafted with excellence.

Hasan II Mosque in Casablanca
Hasan II Mosque Interior



A view from streets of Casablanca in the night

Great Roadmap to Discover the Country
Morocco is not a very big country but the downside is the distances between destinations. They are big. Thus you spend a lot of your time on the roads. It was clear to us that we couldn’t discover the whole country in 7 days (in 15 days you may visit most of the places though). We had to optimize on distance, available time and attractiveness of each spot. We also had to take into account that our departure would be back from Casablanca. Thus we kind of followed a circle and visited Casablanca, El Jadida, Marrakesh, Fes, Rabat and back to Casablanca.

Our roadmap

Our sweet car
In order to do all these, we rented a car from the very beginning in the airport. And during the whole journey, it was the main means of transportation for us. The highways and streets in Morocco are very nicely built. The only downside is the tolls that you have to pay. It is a lot and there are too many counters – almost every 40 km.

Our mobilizer

On the roads we mostly depended on the application “maps.me”. It is a great one. It works better in the cities though. Sometimes it may also lead you to wrong ways, but it is mostly helpful. And best part: It works offline. Just download the map of the country before you go there, that’s it.

What to do in Casablanca?

  • Visit the old medina and walk through the soukh. In day time you can go shopping and in evening have your dinner with delicious street food in the market place
  • Visit Hasan II Mosque. You can go also to some shopping malls

What not to do in Casablanca?

  • If you are more interested in nature or history then you might omit Casablanca from your travel plan.

Who is this town good for?

  • If you like shopping
  • If you like social interactions with locals
  • If you like crowded city life

Final evaluation

Nature: 2/10
Local culture: 5/10
Shopping: 7/10
History: 2/10
Climate: 9/10
Security: 6/10

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